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WHS, Quality, Environmental  Management
As we operate in high-risk work environments we promote a strong safety culture through our Work Health and Safety Program.
By integrating our safe work practices with your site-specific safe operating procedures we proactively prevent accidents, work-related illnesses and damage to plant and equipment, to ensure a safe and comfortable workplace and prevent disruption to productivity.

As part of our commitment to safety we:
  • conduct comprehensive training in work health and safety, managing risk, handling hazardous waste, providing emergency response, and operating heavy machinery
  • attend site inductions and conduct risk assessments prior to working on your premises
  • have the relevant permits and licences (e.g. blue card or white card) and personal protective equipment to competently perform the job in a safe manner
  • immunise our employees that work in high-risk areas such as laboratories
  • investigate all safety incidents and apply those learnings as part of continual improvement
  • participate in regular toolbox meetings to continually review our safety practices and validate their currency
  • test and tag our equipment at half-yearly intervals (or more frequently) to ensure it is in good working order, and report any maintenance issues.

Experience shows that protecting employee health and safety not only improves wellbeing it also enhances performance and productivity, which ensures you receive the highest service standards.

We are consistently below the industry average for work health and safety incidents, which proves that our systems are working effectively.

Quality Policy
Neome strives to maintain a consistent high level of corporate sevices, which is conformance with contract, mandatory health, safety and environmental requirements.
Employees of Neome are aware of the need for good customer relationships to achieve customer satisfaction and we will strive for a high level of staff satisfaction.

Quality Commitment
The Company will allocate adequate resources and facilities to ensure quality of service, compliance with specifications of the Australian Standard, the comfort and safety of staff.
To ensure Neome's quality objectives are achieved and maintained, the Company has adopted the following strategy:
  • Quality Management training session.
  • The monitoring of customer feedback to continually obtain a measure of the effectiveness of the quality system;
  • An ongoing evaluation of systems will be performed and the quality system refined to achieve a consistent provision of Quality service that satisfies the customer's changing requirements;
  • The periodic review of contracts to ensure quality commitment.
Customer perspective
The Company regards communication with customers as critical to the effectiveness of the quality system.
Above all else, our company is committed throughout its operations to the production of the highest quality service.
Company owner will measure the above KPI and monitor their performance.
Improvement initiatives will be identified and implemented as a result of the KPI’s.


Neome is committed to reducing and managing the environmental impacts of Customer's site to minimize the adverse effects of our activities on the Environment.

This is controlled by means of an Environmental Management Plan. The EMP will cover all facets of construction, maintenance and environmental impact created by or directly contributed to by any works completed by Neome employees.

The EMP will enable the Company to:

• Conform to all relevant legislation, regulations and guidelines.
• Carry out its activities in an environmentally responsible manner using best practice methodology.
• Maintaining an EMP which complies to ISO 14001

These goals will be achieved by having documented procedures to:

• Identify aspects of our activities that could impact on the Environment.
• Assess the significance of these impacts.
• Set objectives and targets to suitably address these impacts.
• Involve all Company personnel in the process by means of training and communication.
• Consider the concerns of and communicate with interested parties.
• Have a regular program of audits to ensure all aspects of the EMS are functioning correctly.
• Maintain a policy of continual improvement through regular Management Reviews.
• Implement environmental management system to identify, control and monitor environmental risks arising from Neome operations; and
• Establish programs to conserve resources, minimise wastes, and protect the environment through best practice environmental management.

The Environmental Management Plan is intended to address the potential environmental issues associated with Neome's business activity and provides details of the action(s) / methodology(s) and monitoring systems(s) etc. which are to be used by Neome workforce.

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